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How to Spruce up a Furnished Apartment

By James

Often, if you are moving into a new place for the first time, or you are going to be living somewhere temporarily, you may be thinking of getting a furnished, or partly furnished place. This is very handy for not having to mess around moving furniture or buying expensive, high-ticket items such as washing machines, couches, a fridge etc. However, there is often a sting in the tail. Old, out of date and drab furniture. I know I had this issue for a few places. You might be wondering ‘How do I spruce up a furnished house?’. Well, we’ll go through some of the best tips and rental hacks to spruce up your furnished apartment – without breaking the bank. This article will also be useful for people moving into their college or university dorm rooms.

Tip 1: Use Throws

You may not get the couch of your dreams in a furnished or partly furnished apartment of home, however, one easy and cheap way to spruce up your apartment is by using colorful throws for your couch. Some throws are large and can cover a whole couch. You can also use them for a corner chair and your bed. Consider using an accent throw – with bold colors. For extra impact, you can match your throw with other accent decor and the pillows on the couch by using certain color schemes, such as complimentary color schemes (like green and red) or analogous (like green and yellow). For more tips on color matching your apartment check out our article: How to Add Color To Your New Apartment for Men – FURNISH HIM

Throws are a great decor hack for renters. For more recommendations on throws – check out our article on cool throws for men for some of the best throw blankets: 15 Awesome Throws For a Man’s Apartment – FURNISH HIM

Tip 2: Plants

Adding plants to a furnished apartment will really spice the place up. We’re not just talking your average plants here either. If you really want to make a statement and draw attention away from an average, well used couch, then add big plants! As in the above, you can see how they make a really cool addition to your apartment. It’s one of the 10 commandments of having a cool male living space. Check out our article for the best big plants for your apartment: Hulking Huge Plants For Your Apartment – FURNISH HIM.

If you don’t fancy a big plant, then having lots of smaller ones is another great idea. They don’t have to be hard to care for either, check out our article on some easy to care for houseplants: 10 Really Hard To Kill Houseplants For Your Apartment in 2021 – FURNISH HIM. You can also use your house plants in your color scheme, being green you can match them with yellow decor ideas, for example.

Tip 3: Switch out the Curtains and Shades

Changing your curtains in your furnished apartment is easy and you can simple stash the old curtains in the attic or a draw and just return them before you leave the place. Consider some nice fresh neutral shades, such as grey or white. This is an easy furnished apartment hack.

As I sit here writing this I realised that our (unfurnished) place actually came with lamp shades! Switching out the old off-white shade to a bright yellow one – which matched our color scheme – made a world of difference; so, I leaned back and snapped a photo of it (top right).

Tip 4: Command Strips

From my vantage point in my writing area – I pan my phone camera to the right and snap a photo of my Conan The Barbarian poster. If you look carefully you can see those white oblong shapes at the corners of the poster. These Command Strips can stick to walls and therefore create less damage than nails. Be aware, on walls with older paint on there may tear away the paint; however, repainting is easier than filling in holes. For washable/tough wall paint (like mine) they are fine.

You can grab these off Amazon (that is an affiliate link by the way – if you click through it we may get a small portion of any profits via Amazon). Thanks for reading, check out some of our other articles below for some awesome decor hacks for renters and home owners.

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