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Black and White Design Inspiration For Male Living Spaces

Black and white are considered neutral colors when it comes to interior design. Therefore you can’t really mess this up! Yes, even you. Now, you could have some bland black and white apartment or room, with a black couch and white walls; but, take not of some of the extra furnishing techniques used in the below mood board, to add even more black and white accent pieces to your home. Techniques such as, black and white bedroom accessories like side table lamps, adding some color to simple black and white rooms, by using striking green plants, having multiple jet-black accent floor lamps etc. etc.

Look out for some great combinations below such as; black, white and gold go great, black, white and green is also a great color combination for black and white living room ideas.

Full disclaimer: in this article there are links to our affiliates (Amazon). if you click this link and purchase a product we may receive a percentage of the profit from our affiliates, you know, for beer and stuff while James writes these articles.

If you like that black and white snake rug above then check it out below on Amazon. It’s reasonably priced and has some great reviews as well.

Get Green

black and white room ideas featuring plants is a popular combination among modern home design aficionados. So, if you’re wondering how to decorate a black and white room in your home, check out the mood board below and if you need house plant information, check out our articles: Huge house plants for your apartment & 10 Really Hard To Kill Houseplants For Your Apartment in 2021.

Accent Decor

Alright, lets have some more black and white room inspo, this time featuring accent furniture. We’re talking accent carpets, black and white accent chairs, throws and more. While we are focused on interior design/black and white living room ideas, remember to check out other cool ideas and mid-century modern themes below, such as, awesome round accent mirrors,

Like the look of that awesome throw above? Check it out below! Without sounding like a used car salesman, I own one of these throws, and it is a great throw, it feels substantial and comfortable – and looks great!

Black & White Throw Blanke

Accent Wall

Black and white accent walls aren’t the most common in home design, however, they can be a really nice accent piece, sometimes requiring some DIY knowhow in order to get cool effects – or just use pre-made wall paper I guess.

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