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50 Men’s College Apartment Décor Ideas

Amusingly, while doing research for this article some of the items recommended included a sleep mask and ear plugs for college; trust me, nothing is waking you up after a tanker load of Four Loko. You want your college dorm to express you, whilst remaining budget; no need to spend loads of money on stuff that will probably get wrecked one way or another. For the purpose of legality, I’m pretending that everyone who goes to college is 21 so I can make beer jokes, sue me.

Lets look at 50 dorm room ideas for your first year at college, for some inspiration. We’ll break it down into sections to make it easier to digest. Please note that we are supported by our readers, therefore some links clicked through on this page may result in us receiving a slice of any profits purchased on other sites. At the end of the article we will have a few ideas on décor for a guys dorm room that you may be interested in.

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Slightly Raised Beds
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Cool Lofted Beds For College

A lofted bed kit – is it somewhat juvenile? Are you going to fall out of it? Think of it like an army barracks – quickly settle into your new microcosm – an ecosystem that is completely separate of the real world; that was my experience of college anyway; so I wouldn’t worry if you think it’s too juvenile. However, you may fall out of it, apparently it’s a serious problem. With that in mind, here’s 10 lofted beds that we will rate out of 10 for safety, and coolness.

Very nice setup, a Dorm room cinema and a comfortable and cozy area to sit and work below, 7/10 for coolness. I’m not sure it constitutes a cool mens dorm room design for a dorm room since there’s no signs of sports paraphernalia.

I’ll be honest, if I had to sleep in this for a year at college, I would currently be dead; that banister is basically suicide.

Yeees, okay now we are getting into some cool dorm room necessities, flags! It’s a good start, mens college dorm room ideas would not be complete without flags; a men’s college dorm without flags is like the Vietnam War without Creedence Clearwater Revival.

How could we upgrade this room? Well first of all we’re throwing an awesome throw on that drab underbed seating area; that’s all we’d really do, you don’t want to be spending too much money on stuff that can’t be drunk in your first year in your college dorm.

0/10 for safety – how do you even get into this? Okay, now this isn’t exactly a super cool dorm room for guys, but it’s a a relatively typical college dorm setup. You will definitely fall out and break your arm after playing beer pong in this bed, hopefully falling on one of your larger friends passed out on the floor, to break your fall. You can loft the bed right up to the ceiling for maximum space.

Alright we have some slightly safer lofted beds with banisters 5/10 – that would be quite a fucking fall though! Imagine clambering in and out of that with a lady friend… You can clearly see in this dorm the benefit of such a lofted bed, however. The extra space for other dorm décor and furniture is very useful. We’re liking the rug, however it’s boring – check out some cool rugs for your dorm in our article here.

Okay straight out of the starting blocks, nice color scheme, not sure about the red, is that a shag carpet? Yeah baby yeah! bit this is a perfectly fine and fun setup for your first college dorm year. We’re going to have to give it a 1/10 for safety. You will die if you sleep on that bed for the first year of college. It has no railing. I’m sure it will be a wild night though.

You know what – check out our article on how to add color to your home for some more inspiration on how to decorate your dorm room.

Safety – 6/10. We’ve snuck in this medium height bed for mens college dorm rooms as a teaser for our next 10 dorm ideas we are going to see after this section. This way you can loft your dorm bed whilst not sacrificing your life by falling 7 feet from the air. With this design you can get some good storage space under your bed.

This one is fantastic, you can fall out of your bed, and also injure the bro on the bottom bed -1/10. Don’t worry, you will barely feel any pain, until you wake up from your drunken stupor. This dorm is nicely decorating though,

Ah, now this is a cool college dorm design. Pretty minimalist with the external shirt and coat hanger. This is a sophisticated mens dorm room and the suit case/table which can also be used for storage is a great way of saving space; in fact we even mentioned it in our article on how to save space while decorating a small apartment – which is applicable for a college dorm.

Okay, here’s a good lofted bed dorm idea for men. It sort of has a safety bar – my main contention, as you may have noticed, is that when climbing in and out (potentially drunk) that it is dangerous. We’d hate our readers to die frivolously (we don’t have many…). But none the less, this is a fun design idea with the fridge and microwave oven. You would probably rather have a desk under, unless you plan on doing some knitting of an evening.

1/10 for the arsenal flag. No brainer. 1/10 for safety. Dear Americans, your Arsenal soccer club supporting room mate has a raised bed with no banister, make sure you keep on eye on their mental health after the soccer season is over, it’s probably at 1/10.

Slightly Raised Beds for College Dorms

as long as you have enough space for a bed, a desk and some storage for clothes and books – you don’t need anything else. You will be spending a lot of time out of your dorm anyway, in the kitchen, in social area, in other peoples dorms, so don’t overthink space and comfort. Often after a year or two in dorm you will probably get a house or apartment with other students where you can have more space.

Nice under bed organiser here – with space for a fridge. You aren’t going to fall out of this and seriously injure yourself. And with that’ I’ll stop talking about falling out of bed. You can tell I have a lot of faith in students… I was one after all. Just a short jump or backflip and you can be on this bed, no problem.

Remember, your college dorm bed can double up as a couch – this is what I did at college, I never missed not having a couch, you will quickly adapt to living like a student. The color scheme is quite good in this room, however the wall décor is lacking and cliché. The old school photos we have at the end of the article put this college wall décor to shame!

A pretty sophisticated college dorm room idea for men. With the cool leather seat and black and grey color scheme. You can really see how useful these slightly raised beds are for storage space for clothes etc. The added bonus of having color décor and furniture in your dorm is that when you move out again from your dorm, you will have some cool furniture to take with you.

Alright, kind of a corny nautical theme going on here – Hmm, nautical themes, where have we heard that before? – but despite that you can get a look at a decent wat of arranging your college dorm room.

Another good example of how you can use your dorm room raised bed as a couch. It might be a bit of a leap to get in the bed, however.

Alright, slightly more boring dorm college design here but it is nice and functional, even with the seat/storage ottoman/step to get onto the bed. If you really wanted to make this dorm room pop, it would be easy; simply add green accent décor, a throw, a green ottoman etc. Green is complementary to yellow, making it an impactful color scheme.

This is a great collage dorm room idea for men, you have the draws under the bed to maximize storage and you have the wall hanging there for decor – to break up and cover the plain walls a bit. I dare say that these also protect the walls to a certain extent from lord knows what. An easy win for your cool male dorm room is an ottoman at the end of your bed, which doubles up as storage and seating.

Here’s a bed raising frame where the bed is just half way up. There is plenty of storage below the bed for clothes and such. It is a little drab though – we’d have some awesome wall decor or colourful accent throws for that bed to make it a bit more interesting.

Here’s another typical collage dorm with a slightly raised bed. Fly the flag of your town or team on the walls for a quick and easy conversation starter with dorm mates or friends.

This dorm room is a cool college dorm room idea. You can see how the bed is raised somewhat, to allow for a small amount of vital storage below; ideal if you have a fairly large dorm. Having a normal bed is much cooler than a bunk one if you can. This one could even be described as a luxury dorm room idea.


This cozy mens dorm room is making use of the raised bed to fit an under couch. Opposite the couch is a TV area, with small coffee table and even a plant! They have skilfully made a cozy miniature apartment living room for a cool and sophisticated college dorm. Perfect for a chill and cozy night.

A cozy men’s college dorm room which may have overdone the tea light thing; but, none the less it does look very cozy. Perfect for a sexy movie night, sitting back, watching Gladiator… because you won rock paper scissors.

A great view in this small but cozy dorm, which has masterfully wedged in a double bed into the corner… nice…
This has the added benefit of doubling up (no pun intended) as a hang out, seating area.

Raised bed with bulb lantern decor lights, and a nice tone to the room given off by the iridescent yellow light bulbs. Using a wall of pillows up the top there is a great way of adding some seating space to your dorm room bed.

A really cool musical, neatly ordered cozy dorm room with vinyl record inspired decor at the top of the wall.

A super cool, messy, compact dorm room here with some nice and personal wall decor.

A cool bohemian vibe with a nice couch underneath the raised bed. Check out the end of the article to see some retro vinyl trunk tables, like the one seen above – these are great to put stuff on and in if you are short of space in your college dorm room. The shirt rack side rail is another nice touch.

This cool bohemian style cozy men’s college dorm room makes great use of a minimalistic coat/short hanger; without having a blocky cabinet. The tea lights add a nice oaky timbre to the scene.


Adding some wall paper up by the bed adds a cool vibe to the room, and makes it a little less boring and cinder-blocky. The scene above is nice and cozy due to the dulcet tones of the decor, which have been nicely matched to an orangey and warm tone.

A minimaistic cozy décor design, featuring a raised bed with seating area below and a neat floor mirror; with additional, cool, sunburst strat. We’re a big fan of the grassy style carpet here, which adds a bit of a vibey camping look. Chuck some tea lights under the raised bed an voilà, the perfect under bed dorm space for men.

Dorms Around The World

Denmark – a super scandi, mid-century modern collage dorm room from Scandinavia.

Tel Aviv, Israel. This college dorm has a great use of mood lighting, plants and has really filled up their wall with interesting things. We’re not entirely sure on the plant species but a kentia palm and cheese plant is a good match, or, at least very similar.

A college dorm room in Upsala, Sweden. An interesting red and blue, complementary color scheme, which is not seen very often but by the rules of the color wheel, it does work!

England, London. A very vibey room here from London with cool backlit computer monitors and a cool metal pin board. If you like this white pegboard then check this one out from Amazon, which looks to be a similar version.

Dublin, Ireland. A pretty basic room here, which is kind of boring but we really like the idea of the cork board behind the computer.

England again, with a very large dorm here! Must be a fancy university… You’ve got the futon for added bedding space if you need, and some neat gallery wall décor features on the wall.

Coming in all the way from Germany with a lovely distressed rug, and a ‘nett’ two seater green couch with mid-century modern side table. This is quite spacious and modern looking dorm room coming at your from the WW2 runners up. This is also a great way of zoning off a small area of your college dorm room.

Old School Cool

Lets cleanse our palette with some cool ass historic photos of mens college dorms, from the UW-Madison Archives and others from the last 100 years. How much has college culture and dorm room décor really changed? One thing is certain, wall posters, hangings flags etc. were a lot more popular back then it seemed! Let’s have a look.

Cool mens dorm college room design; with two cool dudes in a dorm room from 1986. Is that a Rolling Stones magazine? … Back when they would write about, you know, music. The guys above are using out raised bed for more space principal. Hopefully he never fell out of it… Hold on, is that a fire place?

From 1945, smoking was not allowed. You have to break the rules a bit when you go to college, after all most of the rules are, in the words of Jack Sparrow, more like guidelines. Also, there was WW2 still going on up until the end of 1945, so I guess we can give him a break.

A young man in the Quartermaster Corps sits in his dorm room in 1911. Nice baseball card collection – much cooler than Pokémon cards…

Baylor University, 1910. If you are going to college this year, make sure you make a concerted effort to bring bake the humble pipe.

Hanging out in Kenyon, 1988. This is quite a spacious dorm compared to some o the cinderblock cells you can get! It’s hard to evaluate how cool their college dorm decor is with the absence of color.

An ad for a 1927 college dorm room. Ooo an ironing board. How many modern student iron their jerseys? We’re not too sure about the decor here, I think that in 1927 there wasn’t really such a concept as ‘making your dorm room look awesome’.

How about a mini-bar during 1970s to 80s era. Now that’s a cool college dorm room idea. Throw away your closet and install a mini-bar instead.

Okay, we immediately take back that last statement, above. This does look awesome. They are students of the Michigan Agricultural College. Sad to think that some of these young men would have possibly been dragged into one of the worst conflicts in modern history.

By the way, we like those old school storage cases; they probably used them for actual storage of clothes and such, now, however, they would undeniably make a great accent coffee table for a modern dorm room for men.

Aww yeah, if you need men’s college dorm room ideas from the 70s, how about a random net on the ceiling? This, 1970s men’s college dorm room looks awesome; you can hear Creedence Clearwater Revival blaring in the background.

Two mad lads, circa 1910. apparently, at the University of Illinois. Gallery walls seems to be a well trodden trope throughout cool male living space history and in particularly, men’s college dorm room décor.

Let’s Finish off with Some College Dorm Décor ideas for guys

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Vinyl Rhino Trunk & Case

Made in the USA: C&N Footlockers College Dorm Room trunk. A great way of maximizing storage in your dorm while also providing a space to place things on like super expensive college books that resale for less than half the price! Ooof!

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