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Go Big or Go Home – Oversized Accent Décor

There are many different ways to add accent décor to your home, and we’ve discussed many of them. In this article we will be exploring the idea of using oversized art and furniture to decorate your home. You can add extra large décor even to a small apartment, for example a big mirror will add extra light to a small and dark room – and also make it appear larger at the same time. We will also be looking at some awesome large wall décor ideas for living rooms and extra large home accessories.

You don’t need a giant apartment to add some cool oversized décor to your place. If you want to add some great accent furniture to a small apartment – then these tips still hold up; they can take your apartment from a boring place to an exciting and interesting one.

Huge Accent Mirror

A very classy living room here in this bohemian penthouse. A giant mirror, if you can somehow find a cheap one and get it into your home, is a great statement piece and will transform your home from normal into r/coolmalelivingspace eat you heart out. If you have a dark room, for example, a completely black painted room like the above – a large mirror will allow more light into the room.

Here’s the above room from a different angle.

We did a whole article on how cool round mirrors are. This one dominates the room in a positive way and acts as a de-facto accent wall. If you want some awesome extra large home accessories then a giant mirror is a great way to add character to your living space – even if is a small apartment.

Oversized Art

Large wall art is a great way of adding character to your living space. This type of large black and white wall art could turn a small apartment into a really cool, mature, male living place to be proud of; so much that you will want to post it on Reddit. This particular one is available on Etsy UK from ‘IdealGallery’.

Instead of an accent wall using paint; the above has gone for an accent art piece to cover the whole wall. Definetely a unique way of decorating your home.

This long white painting or poster look great with the white accent wall adjacent to it. Imagine this wall without this art work – it would look bland and boring.

Giant Beds

We love this understairs bed… Obviously it’s not very practical for normal people in normal homes… But it still looks super cool.

This roof space has been converted entirely into one giant bed! Nice… I dream of this when I’m out on site all day getting muddy and cursing government infrastructure projects… This would make a great project for a new homeowner who has a converted loft space.

This huge bed makes, 6 foot 3, Romalu Lukaku – Inter Milan soccer player look tiny. I bet Lukaku wished the goat was oversized in some of his recent efforts… It’s 12 feet long and probably not something most of us can fit into their homes.

Giant Seats

This one is from an air BnB in London, it is a ‘turret house’ and has an awesome arrangement of seating around the main turret. Nature has no straight lines, and why should your house!

This is more like it, a giant bean bag; that’s definitely something we can all purchase if we want to add some cool furniture to a new apartment. These giant bean bags are ideal for spare rooms.

Floor lamps can make a great statement piece when decorating a new apartment or home.


Two huge kentia palms next to the TV is a great accent piece for a cool male living space. We talked about how to decorate the area around your TV here.

A massive monstera can grow to enormous heights if you put it in a big enough planter.

How about a whole tree in your home? My sister practically has a mini tree in her home as the ceiling is very hight – obviously you’d want to choose a shade-tolerant species.

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