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Covid-19: Budget Home Office for Your Male Living Space in 2020

As Earth Abides in the face of Covid-19 (SARS 2 electric boogaloo), the need for […]

14 Moody Green Accent Walls For Your Male Living Space

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20 Masculine Reading Corner Ideas

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8 Eco-Friendly Items You Could Use in Your Home

Don’t worry, we’re not going to shout at and lecture you like a teenage Swedish […]

20 Shades of Grey – 20 Charming Grey Living Room Designs For Men

I’m sorry, I didn’t have to do that totally out of date 50 Shades of […]

20 Gifts for Guys For Under 20 Dollars

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Top 5 Foosball Tables on Amazon For Your Bachelor Pad

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Color Temperature – How to Choose the Right Bulb for Your Living Space

As Einstein never once said: ‘with new innovation comes new bullshit jargon’. For over 100 […]

How to Stop Your Home From Spying on You in 2020

In this article we briefly review the implications of the ‘smart home’ devices by Google, […]