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12 Cool Leaning Ladder Shelves For Masculine Living Spaces

test3There’s a cool new trend I’ve noticed for awesome male living spaces, the leaning ladder shelf. Depending on the setting they can have a really rustic manly look (well, they are ladders after all), or a fresh minimalist ‘mid-century modern’ look. Load them up with plants or books or whatever else. Once you’re done with this article you could check out our hard to kill plant guide and book review for some items to populate your new shelf with. Here’s some inspiration below, the double ladder look is particularly effective, and then below, some cool ladder shelf suggestions for your masculine living space.


del2.JPGdel1.JPG del3.JPG

#1 Black Finish 5 Tier Bookcase Shelf Ladder

Black finish, pinewood leaning shelf by eHomeProducts. This would match well with most color schemes being black. This ladder shelf has a minimalist appeal to it, you could try placing two each side of a television set or work desk for a cool effect as in one of the photos above.

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#2 Industrial Pipe Shelves

This sturdy, rustic ladder pipe ladder shelf by Bosuru has dark wooden grain shelves an iron frame, and is easy to assemble. This would suit a fresh modern living space with bright or darker neutral walls and carpet schemes, that is the advantage of choosing woody and white/black colored furniture.

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#3 Natural Bamboo Ladder Shelf 5-Tier

By Tangkula, this narrow ladder, made from eco-friendly bamboo is easily accessible, and stable enough to just lean purely against the wall; however it does come with wall mount brackets as well, in case you wanted some more stability. Some of the product photos shows it in the bathroom, which works really well. If you’ve got a few books piled up in a corner, this leaning ladder would be the perfect addition to your apartment or house. The nice light shade of the wood would probably work best in a similarly brightly lit  space.

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#4 Casual Home 176-53 5-Shelf Ladder Bookcase

This ladder, by Casual Home, is currently listed as a best seller with thousands of reviews, a reasonable price and 4.5 stars out of 5. Constructed from sustainable solid wood. It stands 6-feet high. You can always double up for a powerful symmetrical look, check out the reviews for some inspiration of the customer photos. One nice idea is totally loading the shelf up with plants, which looks awesome – see below.

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plants.JPG                                       Image Link

#5 Casual Home 5-Shelf Corner Ladder Bookcase

By Casual Home, combine this shelf, in ‘espresso finish’, with the shelf above by placing it directly next to the above shelf for a really cool effect, click through the link or photo to see how they work together, or have a look at the featured image. Assembly is required. This would look cool in your living space in a corner of the room, perfect for books, plants or other ornaments. Additionally, this item has the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ sticker.

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#6 Orolay Modern Wall Ladder Shelf

This MDF-made super minimalist ladder shelf has three shelves and is jet black. It stands 1.2 m high and weighs just 5 kg. It comes as a flat pack, and requires assembly. It would be a good one to have if you have a spare space on your wall and some books you don’t know what to do with.

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#7 C-Hopetree 4 Tier Ladder Shelf Bookcase Bookshelf

This mid century style, 4 -shelf ladder accent bookcase tapers its shelf size from the bottom to the top. It’s constructed from a sturdy galvanized steel frame. Easy to assemble, make sure you double check the weight limit for the shelves, I’m sure your won’t be placing your anvil’s on it but you don’t want any nasty shocks.

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#8 Rivet Contemporary Fir Decorative Blanket Ladder

Errm, that is an actual ladder? Okay so this is one you could use to hang towels on, or hats? Some of the product photos show it in the bathroom, which is a really cool idea, also handy if you need to change a light bulb. Made of fir and iron this ladder is even advertised as a bookcase ladder! Bwahaha, good luck balancing books on it, that must have been a typo. But seriously, this is a cool new trendy, check out some of the customer photos, there are some really cool ideas.

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#9 Bamboo Folding Towel Stand with Shelf

Okay, here is another kind of bathroom/outside towel rack, not quite a ladder shelf but somewhere in between, check out the product photos to see where you could place this in your living space. It’s probably not ideal for an apartment, but might be useful as an outside kind of rack if you have a garden or something.

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#10  Industrial Corner Ladder Shelf

This corner ladder shelf is ideal for a bare corner in your living space. Made from particle board and solid metal frames, with fan-shaped shelves. Check out the cool customer photos for inspiration on what this would look like in your apartment or house.

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#11 C-Hopetree Ladder Bookcase Bookshelf 

A different styled ladder bookshelf, this 3-tier a-frame in the mid-century modern style. This strong and stable unit is made of distressed wooden laminate shelves with a black metal frame. The product advertisement mentions it as a ‘plant stand’, it would make a cool accent piece for your living space to load one of these badboys with a tonne of plants.

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#12 C-Hopetree Ladder Bookcase Bookshelf Storage Shelf Vintage

This ladder shelf comes in three different sizes you can choose from, 3-shelf wide (above), 3-shelf slim and 5-shelf wide. Described as an industrial plant display stand rack shelving, it is strong, stylish and easy to assemble and made from a metal frame and light, wood-grain MDF shelves, which would go well with pretty much any living space due to its neutral colors.

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