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31 Maximalist Décor Ideas for Men

We talked about maximalist décor in this article here. It is essentially the opposite of minimalism. So for tips on maximalist interior design for men, or some tips on maximalist home décor, wall décor, living room décor and bedroom décor (look we have to get keywords in somewhere), then you’ve come to the right place. This article would be ideal for a young man who has moved into his first apartment straight out of college of university; or for someone who is looking to improve the aesthetics of their home and have a bit of money saved up to play with.


Boho décor for men is a great style for younger or more alternative gentlemen, who don’t mind living amongst a bit of clutter. This is especially useful when you want a maximalist bohemian décor design for you apartment or house. Get your boho on with lots of hippy type items, and loads of plants. Here’s some more details on how to achieve a cool bohemian look for your apartment.

Big Mirrors

Another way of adding some maximalism and impressive décor to your abode is by upsizing your mirrors. A big dramatic mirror can replace a painted accent wall or an art piece. They really are a power move and will give your living room a unique vibe. Round mirrors would be a good additional to a mid-century modern living space, whereas big gilded square mirrors make extra classy and mature living rooms. Check out some of our other articles on cool mirrors for men.

Cool Gallery Wall

An epic gallery wall is an amazing way of levelling up your cool male living space. There are multiple different ways of arranging a cool gallery wall that really expresses who you are as a person. A gallery wall is a great way of giving a wall an interesting feature without having to paint it. Check out our awesome article on gallery walls for more cool men’s design inspiration. Additionally if you want some fun wall art to add to your man cave then check out this article: Man cave wall decor ideas.

Maximalist Furniture and Decor

Maximalist décor isn’t just a theme, it can also be a literal thing; these items of furniture and décor are literally massive! A giant TV, a giant bed, giant artwork etc. If you like the look of that big arc floor lamp, check out our article on cool arc lamps. Check out our article on cool oversized furniture for more inspiration on how to furnish your home in this vein. A great budget way of adding some maximalist decor to your home could be to simply use a big beanbag.

Thanks for reading, check out our other articles if you are looking on cool ways to furnish your cool male living space.

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