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Men, Do You Really Need a Bed Frame?

By James

Yes. You do need a bed frame. I would hazard a guess that if you have the wherewithal to click on this article then you are probably of an age where sleeping on a mattress on the floor is cramping your style.

I have trawled the scientific literature to find out convincing scientific reason as to why you shouldn’t have your mattress on the floor. However, there doesn’t seem to be any overly convincing evidence to suggest that you shouldn’t – so the argument becomes a philosophical and functional one. Which is probably why so many fluff-wellness blogs love to discuss the topic.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s minimalism and there is ‘you’re too old for that shit’… There is also ’embraces a utilitarian lifestyle (apart from billionaire devised tech devices which use sweatshops), but lets not go there.

The main anecdotal arguments against sleeping with a mattress on the floor is mould build up on the underside of the mattress, sleeping closer to creepy crawlies, and looking somewhat trashy.

Some ‘pros’ mentioned in various articles include ‘having more space in your bedroom’ which is antithetical to the truth. You may lose a couple of centimetres in a room with a bed frame from the corners of the room – but you actually lose more storage space that would be present underneath the bedframe. It’s not like you can store things above your bed. If you buy a basic frame, then you gain 6×6 feet of storage space for a double bed.

With a bed frame you can sore fresh bedding material underneath your bed, or in your storage bed; because one thing that is quantifiable is that you should ideally be frequently washing and changing your sheets.

Fresco of angels ascending to a bed frame
Photoshop fresco of man ascending to the bedframe by FurnishHim

So what is the philosophical argument? Well, if you are anything over 25 (ball park) then you should have grown out of the edgy, student like, mattress on the floor vibe. Going down the apathetic, I just don’t care, route is a slippery slope to loserdom; and making vague and unconvincing political statements with your décor (minimalism, utilitarianism etc.) is only impressive to dorky Redditors.

Disregard this boring and doltish, utilitarian, ideology and raise yourself up from the ground. The symbolic ascension of man from the dust, into the clear, breathing air. Oh and you don’t exactly want to bring a girl over only for her to contemplate spending the night eye level with spiders and bed bugs…

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