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The Coolest Tripod Lamps For Male Living Spaces 2021

Type into any search engine 'cool male living space' and sure enough there they are, lurking in the background ...


Just as H. G. Wells predicted, the ENTIRE WORLD (of male living spaces) has been invaded by 3-legged monsters with glowing heads. Type into any search engine ‘cool male living space’ and, sure enough, there they are, lurking in the background… I believe the correct term for them is ‘mid-century modern’ which essentially means they look like they might start walking off….

Errm, not quite, check our mid-century modern guide for more info on the style.

floor lamp

Okay, that top left one actually looks like a sentinel – if Apple or Amazon start selling you one of those be very afraid (especially if you are conservative). These are just some of the results when looking up ‘cool man spaces’. So there it is, if you want your manly-man space to be defined as cool in 2021, then you will need to purchase some kind of War of the Worlds-esque floor lamp.

cutomer lamps

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Awesome Tripod Lamps You Can Buy:

Kira Home Sadie 61″ Mid Century Modern Tripod LED Floor Lamp

This is one of the more affordable tripod lamps to be found. Sleek and stylish, it would suit any bachelor pad, and really does give off a cool mood light (see Amazon user images above). A couple of reviews did mention that it arrived with broken parts, however being fully refundable, and having a plethora of other positive reviews, should put you at ease.

Where: Amazon

Rating: 4/5

Buy On Amazon: Mid century Modern Floor Lamp, Black

Mid century Modern Versanora Tripod Floor Lamp

A contemporary floor lamp which emits a pleasant warm white light. This would go well in a room with neutral colors, and suit a range of décor including mid century, modern, minimalist, contemporary, vintage, urban and retro. Check out the images in the reviews for some inspiration on where to place the lamp in your living space!

Where: Amazon

Rating: 4.5/5

Buy On Amazon: Versanora Tripod Lamp

Metal Retro Studio Tripod Floor Lamp

I love the look of these lamps. At at a generous price, they really provide value for money compared to some of the ridiculous $1000+ versions of these lamps, from outlets such as Ikea. Other than providing light, these interesting lamps will ‘accent’ any room (hipster slang for ‘make it cooler’).

Where: Amazon

Rating: 4/5

Buy On Amazon:  Metal Retro Studio Tripod Floor Lamp

Vintage Nautical Floor Lamp

The 20,0000 Leagues Under The Sea-looking nautical tripod lamp would be perfect for the living room, office, reading corner, bedroom or submarine. It just looks so damn cool. It is reasonably priced compared to some of the vintage-designs. Don’t forget to purchase Einstein bulbs! You can even buy an awesome mini version!

Where: Amazon

Rating: 4/5

Buy On Amazon: Buy Vintage Nautical Floor Lamp

Artiste Tripod Floor Lamp

This sturdy and sleek rustic lamp looks super cool, and comes in two different color options, making it a more versatile purchase depending on the color of room it lives in. The minimalist and matte black style would suit an equally modern and minimalist apartment.

Where: Amazon

Rating:  4.3/5

Buy On Amazon: Teamson Design VN-L00021 Versanora – Artiste 62.2

Thor Nautical 1950’s Hollywood Studio

This vintage styled lamp comes with free shipping in the US. Some of the reviews which have photos of the lamp in action are worth checking out. Although, there aren’t many reviews, however, the high best seller rank is a good indication of quality. This lamp excels when it comes to mood lighting and doubles as a cool centrepiece, or conversation starter. Additionally,  this style of lamp would go well with these awesome pillows. 

Where: Amazon

Rating: 4.7/5

Buy On Amazon: Thor Nautical 1950’s Hollywood Studio Vintage Design Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp

Catalina Lighting Metal Floor Lamp

This is the only tripod floor lamp on our list which has some shelves on it. It would look nice with some plants on it, or perhaps use it for an alarm clock of whatever.  Oh, it also has the Amazon’s Choice sticker, and it’s not a bad price either. It is constructed from a sturdy metal body with matte black finish, with a beige linen shade.

Where: Amazon

Rating: 4.7/5

Buy On Amazon: Cool Shelf Tripod Lamp

Minimalist Black Lamp

This affordable lamp, has a sleek and minimalist style. It’s the kind of imperial-looking lamp you might find in Darth Vader’s office – we’re talking vintage Vader, not nihilistic millennial ‘Crylo Ren’ Vader. You can also purchase a mini version of the lamp for your bedside table or side tables. Speaking of side tables…


Rating: 4.5/5

Buy On Amazon: Buy Minimalist Black Lamp

Brightech Jaxon Tripod

This contemporary tripod floor lamp will, apparently, work best in, quote, ‘vintage, retro, mid century or traditional décor’. What the hell does that look like? We don’t know but this lamp, which uses an LED light, is in neutral colors so would probably suit any kind of decor.


Rating: 4/5

Buy On Amazon: Vintage, retro, mid century traditional lamp, Ha!

Marine Designer Spotlight 

This light stand is constructed of wood & brass with nickel finish – and made from solid steel aluminium & wood., wow that is some manly material, a cool light for a masculine living spaces. IT IS on the shorter side so double check the measurements, so you don’t trip over it, it still looks awesome however. 

Where: Amazon

Rating: 3/5

Buy On Amazon: Designer Spotlight

wild card

The Eclipse – Contemporary Style LED Tripod Lamp

What the hell is that? This is the wildcard of the selection, I had to double check that this was actually a light. I’m still not sure. This is a super cool accent, mood light. It will not illuminate the entire room. This is a real accent piece, if you want to stand out, GET THIS. It is very affordable too, which is unusual given it’s look, it looks much more expensive than it is! You could probably sneak one into the Lourve, and a hundred art snobs would give it a 5-star review.

Where: Amazon

Rating: 4.5/5

Buy On Amazon: The Eclipse

Thanks for reading. If you find any cool, similar looking lamps then feel free to drop a comment and we’ll see if we can feature it on the site.

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