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Never Painted a Wall Before? Here’s our Guide for Young Men


In this article you will learn the basics of painting a wall. Maybe you have just moved into your first place, or have decided to spruce up your male living space or man cave with an accent wall, follow our simple steps to get painting! Apart from being cheaper, DIY painting is ideal for those who want to challenge their skills and creativity. Also, considering how painting is one of the easier home DIY tasks, it would be ridiculous to hire experts for the job. These are skills for life, which every man would be better off knowing.

Even though you might feel a little anxious, especially if you are a first-timer, you can safely put your worries aside. With reading this short guide you will become confident in painting your first wall. paint roller

Choosing The Paint (obviously)

Whether renovating your man cave or living room, the type of paint you choose will determine the overall look of the space. To find the right paint, get some samples and simply apply a few swishes (we’re pretty sure swishes is the correct technical term) that caught your eye, on the walls. Do this on a sunny day to see the how the color really looks like. Also, remember if you are choosing a colorful paint, then the goal is achieving color harmony. This means choosing paint that will complement other colored furniture, artwork and gadgets. For neutral paint colors (as in the below photo) this isn’t a concern, as they will likely go with any color furniture.

painting strips

step 2

Measure & Organize

The crucial step one must take before starting the actual painting is measuring. Taking measurements of your wall will tell you how much paint and painter tape will be needed for the project. A general rule of thumb is to use 1 gallon per 400 square feet. However, this depends on your technique. For example, you will need more paint if you are mixing colors or creating custom textures with your tools (which by-the-way is very easy to do).

Metal tape measure tool 3 - free stock photo
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step 3

Preparation is the key

After you pick your ideal color and take your measurements, it’s time for prepping. The first part of prep is making sure that the wall is nice and smooth. This means fixing cracks, bumps, holes and other deformations, if you have large crackes and holes you may want to consider hiring a professional, but for small holes and cracks you can fill them in easily using quick dry filler and a filling knife. Afterwards, you should prepare your room for preventing any sudden splashes of paint on floors and furniture. But, instead of using newspapers and towels for protection, opt for dropcloth canvases. They are far better paint absorbents than the casual newspaper.

drop canvasImage Link

step 4

Always use Painter’s Tape

Before you start the painting process though, it is of utmost importance that you mark the area with a painter’s tape. Put it over light switches, next to crown molding, windows, and doors. This will ensure a smooth and flawless paint finish. Plus, painter’s tape is ideal for customizing your wall and creating cool shapes, adding the needed unique touch to your male living space.

Image result for painters tape wall stock imageImage Link

step 5

Consider Using Primer

A gallon of white primer applied tp the wall before youtr chosen paint will truly make your color pop up (this is very important for accent walls). Some people decide to apply multiple coats of paint to achieve the needed “shine”. However, you can really save yourself the mess of painting over and over again just by applying a coat of primer at the beginning.

Apart from intensifying the color, primer will also allow it the paint to stick more effeciantly. You can roll the primer on the wall, from bottom to top and fill corners later on with a small hand-handled brush. For most effective results, make sure the primer coat is smooth. You don’t want to create a harsh and thick surface. Afterwards, you can apply the paint in 4 hours, but it’s better to do it the next day.

Related imageImage Link

step 6

Tools & Technique

After you finish with prep, it’s time to start the actual painting. Know that the final results will mostly depend on tools and technique. Painting a wall for the first time isn’t hard at all, you just need to be patient and mind the details. Also, make sure you open up the windows for proper ventilation, lighting and better concentration.

To impress the guys with your new and fresh male living space, follow these important steps:

  • Mix your paint – Either with an electrical mixer or a handheld tool start mixing the compound. This leads to a smoother finish, since mixing will uniform the oils and pigments, preventing uneven coats.
  • Define edges – Dip your handled brush two inches into the bucket and shake it to remove excess paint. Afterwards, start applying it to corners and near the painter tapes, using gentle movements starting from the top.
  • We’re gonna need a bigger brush – After you define edges, it’s time to relax a bit and grab the roller. Apply the paint until the entire surface is filled. If you don’t know what kind of movements to make, simply follow an M or W scheme (move like you are writing these letter with the roller).
  • Repeat – If you want more color depth, you can apply an additional coat after 2-4 hours.
Image result for W shaped paint rollerImage Link

step 7

Clean up & Enjoy

The last thing you should do is take a deep breath and admire your hard work. Paint should be left overnight since it takes 24 to 48 hours to properly dry up. If you didn’t get a chance to finish your entire male living space in one go, you can always clean up your brushes, cover the paint buckets, and complete the job the very next day. Good luck with painting your first wall!

Thanks for reading!

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