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Capitol Hill Chic – Add Brown and Gold to Your Living Space

Inspired by recent events, in this article we vacillate between the clickbait title (sorry) and lazy content on how to add Capitol Hill chic to your male living space. If there’s one thing Capitol Hill, and also the White House, has in common it’s the brown and gold decor playing off each other, for a classic look. Lets have a look at some items you can get to achieve this look on a domestic level. Disclosure: The links present in this article direct you to As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information see our About section.

#1 Indoor Flag Pole

This Super Tough Indoor American Cotton Flag by the ‘Super Tough Store’ comes with an 8ft Oak pole and 3ft x 5ft American Flag with tassels and golden metal eagle topper. You can also get a 7ft foot or 9ft pole. If you have a big home office this would be an awesome piece to have in the corner.

Buy on Amazon

Some sen in their office at Capitol Hill with an eagle flag pole

#2 Busty

A senator-like office is not complete without a bust of some American historical figure. So, lets go with the OG American Mr Washington. This statue of George Washington is 7 x 4.5 x 9 inches and made of Bronze. The statue depicts George as he crosses the Delaware thereby surprising the English. We like to think this is how he stood on the boat as he snuck up on the English.

Buy on Amazon

Mob breaks into Nancy Pelosi's offices during breach of the Capitol
Congress Person Nancy Pelosi in her office

#3 Fancy Pants Painting

Imagine if grand governmental buildings had modern art? It wouldn’t work, you need a gold or bronze framed traditional painting of some great historical deed is required for a mini Capitol Hill office themed room. There’s a few on Amazon to purchase below.

Washington Crossing the Delaware on Amazon
 A [mostly peaceful] Dash for The Timber, Frederic Remington on Amazon
The declaration of independence on Amazon
On the Galling Double Standard of What Happened at on Capitol Hill | Vogue

#4 Chesterfield

You need some kind of ostentatious chesterfield sofa, love seat or chair. Preferably in brown or black. There are some available on Amazon, however the are pretty pricey! But, then again this isn’t even a serious article.

Meet The Lawmakers Who Sleep, Shower, Work — All On Capitol Hill : NPR

#5 Podium

Smiling man carrying lectern during Capitol riots identified |  RochesterFirst

Obviously an oaken and gilded eagle podium would be a great addition to your living space, unfortunately they are all out of stock.

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