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Future Modern Decor

Have I made up ‘Future Modern’? Yes, absolutely I have. But somebody also ‘made up’ bread, but it’s still a thing; I’m not suggesting that one day you will eat this article, but I am drunk whilst writing this so this sentences predicate doesn’t make any sense.

Let’s look at, what we here at FurnishHim, think constitutes as Future Modern living space decor, also you can buy the decor. Isn’t that clever? Disclosure; we may profit from any items purchased through the links to Amazon – if you buy a gold bar then I’ll have enough to buy you a round at the actual bar.

Brightech Sparq

Brightech Sparq Led Arc Floor Lamp Curved Floor Lamp for dimensions 1024 X 1024 - Cabinet Ideas

The Sparq is a modern take on floor lamps, using a strip of LED to achieve a neon-type futuristic effect. The arc frames your reading chair nicely. With dimmable control you can convert it into a reading light or into mood lighting. The light has 3,000K warm white color temperature and 2,000 lumens – and if you have no idea what that means we covered it in our simple article here – Color Temperature – How to Choose the Right Light Bulb for Your Living Space

A God Damn Smart Mirror

I bet you didn’t even know there was such as thing as smart mirrors – we certainly didn’t! – well there is and it’s totally, pointlessly, brilliantly unnecessary. You don’t need a smart mirror; you don’t need a weather forecast when you’re in your bathroom; but you don’t really need any of the modern day bullshit – it’s nice to have though. It is what separates us from animals. The next step in the evolution of the bathroom mirror – the Homo erectus of bathroom mirrors.

As an example, see the below from the catchy ‘HAUSCHEN HOME’ brand. It is apparently Alexa and Google Home enabled, all though we’re not sure how that works. Check out some of the customer photos to see it in action.

Space Tech Wall

A space wall! Who knows if we will ever be able to travel into outer space with all that SpaceX junk floating around in low orbit, but you can bring interstellar future space theme into your bedroom or living room. Okay obviously it’s not the actual future but a wallpaper of the future. By the rules of our article, we just made up, that still counts.

If you look at the customer photos it actually looks amazing; which it should given the price! There are also some good tips in the reviews. It’s essentially a vinyl wrap for your wall – so it is self-adhesive and can be removed. It merely requires a stead alignment so it is straight. This means, in theory, that there will be no damage or residue left behind when you take it off; perfect for covering up a on dingy wall in a rented apartment.

Vintage Pod egg chair

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