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Awesome Cow Hide Decor for Masculine Living Spaces

Get rustic by adding some cowhide chic to your cool male living space. Cow hide provides a cool rural vibe, with the added uniqueness and beauty of a natural/faux animal pattern; which must surely inspire some kind of innate reaction in our human minds. Probably.

Whether your mooving house, or udderly bored of your living space decor; there is no need to cowtow to the boring minimalist trend. Don’t be a coward. Don’t ruminate on ruminant decor. What a dreadful two lines of sentences. Anyway here’s some key words and then our cow hide inspired decor ideas for your cool male living space, or maybe man cave; masculine living space or whatever room. The links present in this article may direct you to As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases; please buy an Aston Martin.

Anyway, here’s our mooood board. I’ll stop the cow puns.

Cow Butterfly Chair 

Made from genuine goat leather…wait goat? Ok whatever, I mean it looks like a cow so we’ll leave it in. The butterfly chair is a popular one within the cool male living space theme, and mid century modern decor. The chair is gently sloped for a comfortable seating position. The four corners of the chair are also wrapped in real leather. The chair is lightweight and stable.

If you want a more ostentatious cow accent chair then check out this one from Wayfair.

Helfrich 30″ W Full Grain Leather Butterfly Chair

As this cow accent chair is made from real cowhide, the exact pattern will vary in each unique chair. We’re guessing it will still look like a cow though.

Cow Print Rug Faux Cowhide

Maybe a bit moocabre for some of the vegan disposition. This faux fur rug looks awesome in cool modern living spaces, but also adds a rustic vibe. There are also a litany of real hides to choose from; which are natural bi-products from the beef industry- so if you’re munching down on big macs you can’t get squeamish about it.

Faux Cow Pillow Covers

The pillow covers have the prestigious Amazon’s choice sticker. Brown cow print pillows made from high-quality cotton-polyester blend. The pillow cases are soft and comfortable. No pungent odor, these are light weight and durable, the pattern will not fade, apparently.

Mcevoy Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

Natural cowhide barstool. This purposely distressed metal (metal is rusted and has been purposely rubbed off) can swivel and you can crank and un-crank the seat up and down.

Cow Throw

Super soft, double sided textured faux fur throw (try saying that 3 times really fast). The material is 100% polyester. This rug is an excellent throw for an accent piece to sling over your couch or chair. After reading this article, you can check out our awesome article on throws.

Milk Cow Dining Chait

This accent chair is professionally upholstered to provide a smooth, immaculate texture; it also has the Amazon’s choice sticker. Ideal for a chic mid-century modern accent chair. It does require assembly, but according to some of the comments, it is easy.

Some more mood board

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