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In celebration of St Patrick’s Day 2020 (or 2021, or 2022, or 2033 etc. as I cannot be bothered to change this every year!) we’ve compiled a list of great green accent walls to inspire your male living spaces, your man caves, your masculine reading corners, and whatever buzzword has brought you to our corner of the interwebs. You will want to combine some awesome Hard to Kill Plants to add to your living space to match a charming green accent wall.

And if you begin to wonder why so many of the green accent walls below are often matched together with yellow furniture and art, then wonder no more, and read our article on how to match colors using the color wheel.

The following green accent walls were inspired to inspire you to maximise your living space with one of the most versatile and popular colors out there. These walls will make your friends and family green with envy. Ha. ha. ha… Get it? Whatever, anyway lets begin!

#1 Dark Green Accent Wall

`green 1.jpgImage Link

Green accent wall with yellow couch, dark wooden cabinets and white everything else. Notice how the green accent wall is matched with the plants, and even a photo of a plant! The darkness of the green contrasts nicely to the very brightly shaded floor and walls.

#2 Moody Green Wall with Plants

green 2.jpgImage Link

A moody green accent wall with hanging wall plants, including a spider plant, which we featured in our 10 Hard to Kill Plants article. Similar to the above, if the surrounding walls are very bright, a darker color will contrast them nicely, a theme you will notice in many of the green accent walls.

#3 Green Wall and Yellow Accent Chairs

g3.jpgImage Link

Green with yellow accent chairs. The black and white wall art is another nice touch, black and white usually go well with any color, but especially with green and yellow it seems. It is a popular color combination for cool male living spaces.

#4 Green Wall with Plants


Small green accent wall with hanging plants. This one is very over the top but also pretty awesome, especially as a reading corner. For some more inspiration on reading corners check out are article on them here.

#5 Jungle Boogie – Living Green Wall


Boom! Okay another somewhat over the top one, but this is a super awesome concept wall if you have some spare cash and a dream. They can be somewhat pricey, but you can buy smaller green walls for your living space from Wayfair UK and Wayfair US.

#6 Jungle Boogie 2 Electric Boogaloo

wall paper bird maximImage Link

This maximalism accent wall – featured on our maximalism article – is the perfect maximalist addition to your apartment or living space. You wouldn’t want a whole room plastered with this kind of wallpaper, just one well placed accent wall, or even a small connecting wall. This would be a nice one for a bedroom or even bathroom!

#7 Bricky Green

Green Colored Brick Wall - Wallpaper - Living RoomImage Link

You don’t always have to use a blank wall to paint green, you can green up your wall with the green brick wall paper style as above. If you want some just Google search for ‘green brick wall paper’ you should be able to find some in the US and elsewhere.

#8 Super Moody Green

g6.jpgImage Link

This is a really moody and dark green accent wall. Perfect for a man cave or some kind of cool guitar corner. Double this up with some accent lighting to add extra mood lighting. The abstract art is also inkeeping with the dark and green theme of the room.

#9 Green and White

g7.jpgImage Link

Dark green TV wall. Here is a showcase of a green accent wall behind the TV, as we mentioned earlier, this is a great space to place an accent wall, behind a main focal point within a room.

#10 Classy Scholar-like Green Wall

g8.jpgImage Link

This nice fresh accent wall with a scholar-like bookshelf and …bone thing? Note how the shade of the flooring and other white wall work well with the moody dark green accent wall. The above could potentially be improved by adding a gallery wall feature, with more pictures and art on the wall.

#11 Dark Green Headboard Wall

g9.jpgImage Link

An accent wall on the headboard side of the bed is a popular location. Especially a darker color as this is conducive to a good night’s sleep. The dark flooring can sometimes not work so well with a dark accent wall, however in this case the other bright walls lighted the place up.

#12 Green and White Stair Wall

g10.jpgImage Link

Dark green accent wall on the stairwell. This is a good place for an accent wall, which are often around a feature – in this case the stairs. Other places include behind a TV, or behind a headboard. Pretty cool distressed carpet too, a recent and popular cool male living space trope.

#13 Jungle Floor

g11.jpgImage Link

Green, green, green and more green bedroom. This is a nice use of different shades of the same color to creat a subtle contrast. This green scene creates a nice and tranquil setting, nicely conducive to a sleep environment. Even the big ass plant adds to the scene. The mini gallery wall is a nice touch too. I am jelous that I didn’t think of this for my bedroom. A nice blue shade theme would also be a nice idea for a bedroom, blue being a good bedroom color.

#14 Light Green

g12.jpgImage Link

Okay well this one isn’t particularly moody, but it’s a nice showcase of mixing up your accent walls in your living space, with the small black business-like accent wall there in the study corner, and the lighter more friendly green accent wall in the dining room.


This article from Valsparpaint has a range of green accent wall colors you can check out for more information and more paint colors you can use.


Thanks for reading! Check out some of our other articles for some awesome inspiration for your bachelor pad or man cave.

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 – James

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