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Post Apocalyptic Chic Décor For Male Living Spaces

Okay so in our last décor inspiration article we talked about Future Modern décor ideas for men; now, we’re going to go for some post apocalyptic décor ideas for men, we have definitely made both of those stylings up – but you want your home to be original don’t you?

If you want a mid-century modern home or room, with a twist; you can add a statement piece of accent décor. To break up your room a bit, you can add a piece of furniture that doesn’t conform to a traditional and boring piece of décor. This pieces are ideal for a single man home decorating idea, to express your personality and avoid the cliché that comes with mid-mod living spaces. Disclaimer; the products featured in this article may link to our affiliates whereby if an item is purchased we receive a portion of the profits.

Light Bulb Plant Terrarium

The wasteland has cooled, radioactive waste from Putin’s war has subsided and now you can finally start planting some sweet plants; but, oh no you don’t have a vase. Don’t worry you can salvage some from old humanity. This bulb planter is sculpted to look like a light bulb, however it has been separately made, just so you know. Of course, you couldn’t even keep plants alive back when we had running water so good luck with that.

Check out our article on hard to kill house plants to place in your vase.

Vintage Rustic Number Plates

A big lump of 100% natural teak root for a side table. Sorry, you will have to wait for the actual apocalypse in order to get one of these for a reasonable price. Still, this would look nice with a glass of whisky and a book on it. Use it for a cool reading corner side table.

Vintage Rustic Number Plates

New York style number plate for wall decor

Place this above your post apocalyptic bedroom and pretend you drove a 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 listening to Walk the Line by Johnny Cash; when we all know you drove a Camaro unironically listening to the Shrek Soundtrack. Still, those born after the fire wars will never know. Simply type in your state in the maker’s Amazon shop and you’re away! Have your home state, current state, favorite states, whatever! Perfect size to fill in those pesky gaps in the wall, or why not create a feature using several plates at once.

Distressed Rug

What could be better in the apocalypse than a vintage rug lining your post-mid century modern wasteland command center? When I say command center, I of course mean the squalid, leaky shed you live in as you reminisce about the time before the war when you would dream of being a badass post-apocalyptic road warrior. Seriously though, these well made rugs are in fashion for a young bachelor pad or male living space/man cave arrangement. They exude the kind of meta-irony of pretending to not care about style (by having a old looking rug) whilst actually spending quite a lot on a premium rug. It is the Sam Hyde of rugs, except better looking and less likely to stealth troll you.

Einstein Bulb

Vintage Edison bulb

Classy and timeless vintage Edison bulb lamp would be a cool accent piece to any living space, the bulb is included, and are easy and cheap to replace. You’re probably imaging sitting there, in the wasteland, reading scraps of Chaucer and William Turner aren’t you? In reality your would be squatting in a corner, squinting at scraps of Playboy magazines that have been smudged almost invisible by your grubby fingers.

Anyway, don’t expect these bulbs to light up a room, the light it gives off mood-lighting. The body of the lamp is made from wood and the bulb comes with a standard American plug.

We’ve done articles on amazing male living space combos, using a-symmetry to create cool furniture décor and more interior design ideas. with all kind of cool mens decor, decor that makes a statement, and other keywords… Check out some of our other articles below.

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